The carpentry

Tischlerei Gilhaus was created in 1988 with a sublet  workshop in a sublet workingspace in St Pauli, Hamburg, . After a successful 4 years in our Hamburg workshop, limted space and high rental costs forced our move south from this beautiful city to the countryside village of Neuenfelde. , in the Hamburg part of the  “Altes Land”.

With our continually growing business and need for modernisation, along with  our increasing expansion and demand for workshop working space, these factors triggered yet another move and a decision to build our own workshop.  This was a fruitful decision, as in our own workshop we were finally able to realize our implement the Tischlerei Gilhaus concept, design and business implementation.

Today we have a fully equipped workshop space of 550m2, with everything a modern workshop needs.  In addition to the conventional machines, we have additional equipment such as CNC-technology  (drill and devour-technics), laser edge band, veneer press and paint shop, all which enables us to produce high quality and unique furnitures to meet our ever growing customer needs.

In addition to the workshop, we have an office, where both the customer order requirments are designed and prepared via CAD for the workshop and also where the business management takes place.

Here at Tischlerei Gilhaus, we pride ourself on our team, the work we create together and the comradery we share.  We feel that the lounge area, complete with a terrace area, promotes the team work as this area is where we can relax, refresh, brainstorm and talk about new ideas.  This working environment promotes creativity, a quality that is necessary to produce the excellent quality work we pride ourselves on.

But besides to this benefits of that location there are more: The idyllic view in the fruit plantation and less hustle and bustle of a big city creates attractive conditions for us and our team. The fascinating built monuments and the beautiful dike scenery on one side, modern high technologies in ship and air industry on the other side making that location distinctive.

Here goes traditional craftsmanship and modern design  synthesis, that what we also strive for in our workpieces.